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PonadProgram #9 - Design patterns (event summary)

PonadProgram #9 - Design patterns (event summary) thumbnail
Some of you may know that I'm the co-founder of Kuźnia (student organization) and we are organizing monthly lectures called #PonadProgram. These are targeted to anyone who wants to learn something. Each lecture is presented by experienced people from local IT society. Last Thursday (02 march 2017) Michał Warkocz talked about design patterns which had the highest number...
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Gaming mouses are the best for professional work!

Gaming mouses are the best for professional work! thumbnail
Mouse is very important device if you care about productivity. This article will show you advantages of functions that are not so obvious. Maybe you don't pay attention to your mouse. Well... Then just look at the features below and decide if your straight mouse is enough for you. If you care about making life easier take a...
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Creativity booster! Notepad & pencil

Creativity booster! Notepad & pencil thumbnail
This is my salute for old-school physical things. I love modern apps like OneNote or Wunderlist to note everything, but in this article I will try to convince you that old fashion way is the better way (at least for first phase of planning). I will not tell you that paper doesn't need charger etc. It's true but...
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Holiday. I'm going back to work!

Holiday. I'm going back to work! thumbnail
I haven't written for a while. I had exams. Studies and stuff - you know :) But it's all finished, at least for 3 months. Now I have only my own projects and my job. I'm going to use this time for blogging, self-development and finishing some projects. Not sure if you want to read my texts during holiday?...
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Organize your Unity project directories!

Organize your Unity project directories! thumbnail
Organize your workplace! Unity devs do not dispose of any common solution for this issue. It's time to change it. Work on multiple projects, together with many developers taught me that some general solutions have to be developed due to the fact that now most frequent pattern is a mess. I have lost few hours of my life...
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