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Gaming mouses are the best for professional work!

Daniel Koprowski
Software Engineer & Tech Productivity Advocate

Mouse is very important device if you care about productivity. This article will show you advantages of functions that are not so obvious. Maybe you don't pay attention to your mouse. Well... Then just look at the features below and decide if your straight mouse is enough for you. If you care about making life easier take a look, maybe I wrote something you didn't know.

Use cases


This is the most important requirement - what will you do with this mouse? If you are web designer it would be good to have at least two extra navigation buttons for next and previous site. Extra scroll wheel to horizontal page movement is also a good idea. Navigation buttons Navigation buttons

For graphic designers I would recommend a mouse for MMO Gaming. This mouses has a lot of extra buttons and as my knowledge about Blender says - you will need all of these buttons. Simply assign favorite shortcuts to extra buttons and have everything under thumb. MMO Mouse MMO Mouse

Another thing is your workplace -if you have one. Otherwise, if you are always in a way, think about portability and multi-surface support of your mouse. Nowadays most of the laptops have built-in Bluetooth module so you no longer need to remember about USB receiver.

Battery. Many people think about batteries as a necessary evil and consider cables. But times when you needed to have two AA Stick batteries are hopefully ending. I have rechargeable battery built-in my mouse. It has micro-usb socket in front of mouse so I can charge and use at the same time. Charging is needed few times a month but it takes approximately 1-2 hours. Micro usb Micro-USB socket


Yeah, you can use your mouse for presentations instead of presenter. Less stuff you have in your pocket, fewer problems with batteries etc. you have. That mouse should be wireless and good looking. It should also have invisible for human eye laser sensor (so called laser mouse) - you don't want to blind your audience. Laser vs optical left: optical mouse; right: laser mouse

Good mouses have multi-role support for programmable buttons. Just create new role called presentation and you are almost ready to go. Software for presentations have shortcuts for next/previous slide so again - attach these shortcuts to programmable buttons. It's great feature that you have always one extra pointing device in case of emergency.


I use my mouse as remote control while watching movies or listening to music. How? I have a role called entertainment where my scroll wheel is volume, next and previous are used to change songs in Spotify and my two extra programmable buttons are play/pause and stop. Main buttons are always untouched because it's common that you need to do some small things like change window or check something on the Web.

Gaming hardware

Gaming devices often have great quality.

Many mouses have plastics glides. In gaming mouse you will have metal glides. It gives you less friction and durability. You have guaranteed that this is not the first element which will be rundown. Metal glides Right: Metal glides after one year of use

Gaming stuff is also precise. Gamers love their high DPI and fast reaction speed. I'm sure that graphic designers will appreciate this feature. Maybe there are other professions that requires precise pointing device but it's not so obvious to me right now.

Things for gamers are made for hours and hours of sitting in front of the computer. It has to be ergonomic. Mouse with bad shape used eight hours every day can be really uncomfortable. Recently this is one of the most important requirement for me.

Absent button in your work mouse also can be really irritating. I encourage you to choose great mouse for your home computer set. Then if you have other in your office - try to buy the same model for work. Habits are harder to adjust 2 times a day than change mouse in office. Fit hardware to yourself - not other way around. So consider buying two mice or...

One Mouse to rule them all

One Mouse to rule them all, One Mouse to plug them, One Mouse to bring them all and at the workplace control them.

- Not Tolkien

There are mice that you can take with you anywhere. Plug them to many devices and switch device to control with single button click. Without plugging USB and cables - Bluetooth takes care about connection. Usually such computer mice have one remote USB stick (for main device) and Bluetooth support for other. It's easy to imagine that you can use one device for your PC, tablet, (console?) and office computer.

Important features

  • programmable buttons
  • ergonomics
  • multi-role
  • built-in rechargeable battery
  • multi-surface


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Daniel Koprowski
Software Engineer & Tech Productivity Advocate
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