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Daniel Koprowski

Below I describe my experience with session recording. I explain why I'm doing it, what tools do I use, what are the benefits, what data do we gather... Why is it a good idea to replay our users sessions and my I share personal thoughts about the topic. I also describe many use-cases from practical point of view that will help you quickly understand the benefits. Enjoy!

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Daniel Koprowski

I use VSCode full-time since 2016. Before that, I was using its "bigger brother" — Visual Studio IDE and I was looking for a lighter editor.

I would like to share with you the extensions that I have currently installed. I’m working as a React Native developer so JavaScript centric section will be the biggest one but not the only one!

Daniel Koprowski

I was waiting with this post around a year till this editor will be able to fully fulfill my requirements according to Unity development. Here we are! I'm using VS Code since two months in professional work and I'm not going back.

Daniel Koprowski

Mouse is very important device if you care about productivity. This article will show you advantages of functions that are not so obvious. Maybe you don't pay attention to your mouse. Well... Then just look at the features below and decide if your straight mouse is enough for you. If you care about making life easier take a look, maybe I wrote something you didn't know.

Daniel Koprowski

This is my salute for old-school physical things. I love modern apps like Notion or Nozbe to note everything, but in this article I will try to convince you that old fashion way is the better way (at least for first phase of planning). I will not tell you that paper doesn't need charger etc. It's true but c'mon... It's so obvious ;)

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Daniel Koprowski
Software Engineer & Tech Productivity Advocate
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